Emergency Services

All American Tents Emergencys Services was started just before hurricane Katrina in 2005. After that tradjedy, we moved 20 of our tents and A/C units for 8 weeks to the Stennis Space Center in Southern Mississippi to set up camp and assist in Emergency Services.  Since that time we have vastly increased our inventory of tents and related equipment.

We now have worked with:

The Bureau of Land Management
Cal Fire
US Forest Service

These are some of the fires we've worked on:

western shelter

  • Whiskey Town Fire
  • The Moonlight Fire
  • The Kingsley Fire
  • The Yukanome Fire
  • Bagley Fire
  • Panther Fire
  • Daves Fire
  • Ponderosa Fire
  • Happy Lamp Fire
  • Mill Fire
  • Hayfork Fire

Here's a list of more of our Fire Support Equipment:

Fire Support Equipment
Western Shelters with floor, ceiling, insulated roofs and lights
Sizes19 X 35
20 rounds
Sizes70, 60, 50, 45, 25 KW
Air Conditioning and Heating Units
Size4 ton
16,000 BTU AC unit (smaller unit)
170,000 BTU/hour with propane
Canopy Tents with or without lightd and walls available
Sizes40, 30, 20, and 10 wide
Post-a-Cools Evaporative coolers
Size36-inch fan
Garbage Cans
32 gallon with wheels or without wheels